Cemetery Commission

The Roslyn Cemetery Commission serves as an advisory body to the Mayor and City Council and exercises decision-making authority as assigned or delegated. The Commission consists of seven members who are appointed by the Mayor to serve five year terms.

The Commission oversees the management of and coordinates all activities in the Roslyn cemeteries in a cooperative effort with the City of Roslyn.

The Commission's primary responsibilities and duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing and overseeing all activities in the Roslyn Cemetery Complex to ensure that the historic, cultural, sociologic and archaeological significance and character of the Roslyn Cemeteries are preserved, protected, maintained, and improved.
  • Encouraging the preservation, protection and restoration of historical cemetery grounds.
  • Encouraging a working relationship with lodges and ethnic groups associated with the cemeteries and sharing ethnic and cultural history with the community and visitors.
  • Documenting and archiving factual cemetery history.
  • Promoting the historical information relating to the cemetery to the public through the media, newsletters, power point presentations and cemetery tours.
  • Making recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on long-range planning issues, amendments to Cemetery Ordinances and Design Standards.
  • Making a strong effort to assure the cemeteries remain free from the exploitation or commercialization of business. Ensure respect for the cultural dignity found within.
  • Reviewing all applications for assistant sextons pursuant to the requirements of RMC8.15.210 and forwarding recommendations to the mayor for appointment.
  • Reviewing and approving all applications for structural changes within Roslyn cemeteries.
  • Reviewing other cemetery issues as required or requested by the Mayor or City Council.
  • Keeping records as required by RMC8.15 and forwarding all records to the City Clerk.
  • Communicating all commission actions to the city council.

TThe current Roslyn Cemetery Commissioners are: Jeri Porter (Chair), Dick Watts (Skye Osiadacz, , Connie Wanechek, Braven Bendzak, Tony Craven and Jim Ash.

The 26 Roslyn Cemeteries are very unique and reflect the rich ethnic mix of immigrants who settled in Roslyn and are one of the City's most important landmarks.

For more information and for meeting time and location please contactSarah Christensen , Cemetery Sexton at 509-649-3105.

Names:Jeri Porter, Chairperson
 Richard Watts
 Connie Wanechek
 Sky Osiadacz
 James Ash
 Tony Craven
 Braven Bendzak
Appointments process: 

Old City Hall, 3rd Thursday of every month at 6:00pm